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Sunscreen Film Festival West sponsors Indyoh at AFM ’14
June 11, 2016
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June 11, 2016

For our second year in So Cal, we wanted to build momentum for our festival. This meant generating awareness to increase attendance. One of the reasons for our success is because of the support from our sponsors – including the local businesses in and around the South Bay area. For instance, US Storage Centers has been a strong supporter of ours and is very excited about this year’s festival. We sat down with VP of Marketing, Jason Lopez, to find out why they teamed with us in supporting the Sunscreen Festival.

What did you think when we approached you?
I love film and the entire process that goes into making movies. I think a lot of people underestimate, or are unaware of, how hard creating something out of nothing really is. Just finishing a script is a big accomplishment. Then add to that completing a movie. It’s impressive and we appreciate that here at US Storage Centers.

Have you been involved with something like this before?
Yes, we actually funded a documentary two years ago called ‘A City Divided’ by Emmy Award winner Jack Baric. It’s about the football rivalry between USC and UCLA. If you’re from Los Angeles, you can appreciate how intense this rivalry is. Families quickly split down the middle during football season. A father goes to USC and his son or daughter will go to UCLA. It’s intense. Here at US Storage Centers, most of us went to USC and we’re still very active in that community.

Why did you sponsor the documentary?
We also have a 501c3 non-profit organization called Kure It that raises money for under funded cancer research. To date we’ve raised over $3,000,000. When we funded the documentary, we worked with the filmmaker to have a portion of the proceeds go to Kure It. Those monies were then donated back equally to USC and UCLA’s comprehensive cancer research centers. So far we’ve given about $300,000 each to USC and UCLA. We expect to do another $300,000 in 2014.

How else have you worked with the film industry?
We have dozens of locations throughout Los Angeles and the South Bay. So, naturally we have customers from the business. Our locations tend to be conveniently located and on the to and from a location shoot. Our Hawthorne location has also been used in a few episodes of CSI Miami when it was on air.

Can you share any tips you’ve learned on storing production equipment?
The key to storing anything related to the film industry is organization. 50 to 80% of your storage unit should be dedicated to high capacity sturdy shelves such as Gorilla Shelves available at any home center. By assembling the units two systems high, the shelves have plenty of room to store smaller items such as hand props, sound equipment, electronics, and other smaller items stored in boxes or loose on the self.

The shelves should be located near the front of the unit, leaving the back area open for odd-shaped and larger items; just make sure you leave a wide aisle between shelves to access the back of the unit.

Each shelf should have labels to indicate where everything goes. Some people start out alphabetizing everything but soon realize that system comes with its own set of problems, especially when the person you send to pick up a few items doesn’t know the lingo of production equipment. Instead, the most successful and timesaving systems for anyone with a fair amount of equipment utilize a map. Creating a PDF file that you can read on any smart phone will allow anyone can find anything by just following the map.

Anything else you would like to share?
If you are looking for a storage unit facility make sure the facility you select has the property security features for your gear. For instance, our Hawthorne storage facility has security features such as individually alarmed units, video cameras, cylinder locks and key code gated access. In addition, our on-site managers make a great effort to get to know all of our customers. This helps them keep an eye on the property as well. So, just make sure that the company you choose for storage has the basics covered and cares about their property.

We’d like to thank Jason for taking the time to talk to us and hope to see you at our festival on October 10-12 at the Hermosa Beach Community Theater located at 710 Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach. www.sunscreenfilmfestival.com

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